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Art.Nr.: 081400020
EAN: 8410410352422

Permatex® 84109 4 Minute Multi-Metal Epoxy - 25 ml (35242)

Makkelijk te gebruiken kneedbare tweecomponenten epoxystick die droogt in 4 minuten. Verlijmt en vult onder andere aluminium, messing, chroom, koper, ijzer, staal en roestvaststaal. Na volledige uitharding kan de epoxy bewerkt worden, boren, schuren en tappen is geen enkel probleem. Bestand tegen de meeste vloeistoffen. Droogt grijskleurig op. Temperatuurbereik van -40⁰ tot 176⁰C onderbroken.

Kleur:  Transparant
Inhoud:  25 ml
Nummer USA:  84109
Nummer EU:  35242
Nummer Canada:  84119

  1. Protect: Work area must be protected from accidental spills.
  2. Clean: Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease and oil.
  3. Prepare: Roughen smooth surfaces (using abrasivesor sandpaper).
  4. Open package: Remove Syringe. Turn syringe nozzle end up and pull plunger backslightly (1/8”). Allow air bubbles to rise to top. Snap off and save storage cap. Push plunger to dispense equal amounts of hardener and resin onto discard-able surface such as a piece of cardboard. Mixing paddle will pop out from plunger. Pull back plunger to stop flow. Snap cap back on.
  5. Mix thoroughly: Thoroughly mix with paddle provided for two minutes until evenly colored.
  6. Application: Apply small amount of mixture to both surfaces and assemble parts immediately (product sets in approximately 4 - 6 minutes). Remove any excess epoxy immediately.
  7. Cure time: Usable strength is reached in 4 hours at 22ºC (72ºF). Cooler temperatures may require longer set time.
  8. Clean-up: Attach nozzle cap and store in molded tray.
  9. Warning: Adhesive will not bond mostpolyethylene or polypropylene plastics
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